About Our Company

About Our Company

Financial Independence Co. Insurance Services (FICIS) is a national, bilingual employee benefits company dedicated solely to providing effective, quality insurance benefits.

At FICIS, we offer employers and their employees much more than just group insurance. A company’s Employee Benefit program plays an essential part in its ability to retain valued employees, and directly affects the well–being and lifestyle of the company’s most valuable asset–its employees. An effective company program should also provide comprehensive protection for staff and offer the employer a seamless process for administration.

One of our core areas of expertise has been to create affordable Healthcare and Lifestyle Benefits for those employers that cannot afford to offer benefits to their employees; including 1099 (independent contractors) seasonal, part–time, or full–time employees that have not been eligible for benefits in the past.

Combining our expertise, industry insights and resources, they develop comprehensive employee benefit programs that are customized to meet the individual customer’s financial and healthcare needs. We guide owners with full human resources support and help you provide the best program possible for your staff. A professional, bilingual client service team is in place to ensure the delivery of exceptional customer service to meet the increasingly diverse and multi-cultural workforce.

With over 20 years of experience, we serve a broad array of industries including hospitality, real estate, manufacturing, financial services and associations, among others. Leading insurance partners include Aetna, SafeCo, Assurity, Colonial Life and Accident, Cigna, UnitedHealthcare® and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

About Our Commitment

As a trusted ally and partner to our client, we are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in providing professional benefit management services. With our commitment to provide quality healthcare and lifestyle protection plans to thousands of Americans nationwide, we hope to continue our journey with you as a National Leader in Employee Benefits Solutions.

About Our Staff

Dedicated Specialists
Each one of our fully licensed FIC Specialists focuses on specific aspects of the management of employee benefits Programs, including financial market, and benefit analysis, client services, corporate retention and quality assurance. With decades of insurance and benefit experience, our Specialists continue to understand the latest news and trends within the insurance industry through our Professional Development curriculum, industry curriculum, industry conferences and seminars.

Industry Expertise
With a deep understanding of our clients’ needs, federal and state legislation and insurance company policies, we are able to effectively negotiate with insurance companies for the best programs suited to your business needs. FICIS Specialists have worked with national insurance companies in sales, underwriting, claims, client service, contracts and premium analysis. Through these established relationships, we deliver an efficient resolution of service, premium or claims issues.

About Our Enrollment Team

Financial Independence Co. Insurance Services (FICIS) has partnered with Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company in order to provide a national enrollment team that has the capability to reach locations across the United States. To promote quality, consistent enrollment communications, Colonial enrollers communicate not only core benefits (benefits offered by FICIS), but also Colonial benefits. Through the Colonial College training program, enrollers receive consistent training and recertification on products and enrollment technology.

Colonial enrollers can support you not only in one phase of the process, but in planning the enrollment, conducting the enrollment, and providing superior service after the enrollment. Colonial enrollers use their own laptop enrollment systems in order to submit business electronically and more efficiently, along with the flexibility to bring in larger or smaller enrollment teams, depending on your needs and schedules.

Colonial is a company of people who understand people. Colonial is a concerned and responsible supplemental insurance provider, who stands apart from other supplemental insurance companies through their benefits communication, service standards and supplemental insurance portfolio.

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